What is the attractiveness of Sayashi, Ishida, Sato and Fukumura’s dancing?

4: 名無し募集中

Tiki bun Tiki bun


35: 名無し募集中


If you observe the rhythmical senses in their using of knees and the way they move their shoulders, you can see.

Sato’s shoulders are outstanding and show the wide and sharp movement.

38: 名無し募集中


I agree

I don’t know whether her waist is flexible or her abs and spine are strong, but I feel her physical level is high.

40: 名無し募集中


it’s because she trained with a horse riding and a ballet.

49: 名無し募集中

Maachan’s way of shifting her weight laterally is cool.

52: 名無し募集中

Ah~. Indeed, Sato’s movement is the widest of all.

88: 名無し募集中

Because Maachan has a prodigious rhythmical sense, she shines in singing and dancing.

90: 名無し募集中

Sato said in the radio that she doesn’t dance with counting “one, two, three” in choreographies, and instead she dances with the background sound. [See here]

I’m not sure whether she’s amazing or Baka.

106: 名無し募集中

Maachan’s range of moving her shoulders.



[This is one of the most popular threads today. I only translated the comments about Maachan. She’s the most highly evaluated member in this thread with Riho. I’m so proud of her growth.]

- Translated by tadahitoriningen@H!O

Erina and Haruna thought Maachan would begin by celebrating Morning Musume’s 17th anniversary. But Maachan celebrates Oda’s 2nd anniversary, Wada’s birthday, and Haruna’s Zelda Musou, while not even mentioning MM’s anniversary. Maachan notices it after Haruna says.

“Everyone, Yahho-ta-i! The best memory of this summer is the sea!”


Haruna: Maachan, the sea?

Masaki: The sea. Well, when I returned to Sapporo,

Erina, H: Yeah.

M: I went to the beach.

E: Yeah.

H: He~

M: My mother has been going to the beach with my father since she was very young, maybe 12.

H: E~~! With your father?

M: Yes. She’s been always with him since elementary school.

H: E~~h! Amazing!

E: It’s amazing.

M: But at first, well, my father was just a kid, so he, what can I say, (laugh) like Godzilla(?),

H: Ah, he fooled her?

M: Yes, he fooled her

H: He teased her, right?

M: Yes.

H: Uh huh.

M: and at that time, mother wasn’t really interested in going out with someone.

H: Uh huh.

M: So she’s been with him since elementary school, and they became a couple when they were in middle school.

H: He~~, it’s amazing~

E: It’s amazing.

M: They have been going to the beach since then. So maybe the sea knows about my mother,

H: Uh huh.

M: and rocks,

E: It’s amazing. The sea knows your mother. (laugh)

M: Hahaha

H: It’s fine~, Maachan. It’s fine~.

E: I think it’s nice. (laugh)

M: Yes. It knows our parents,

E, H: Uh huh.

M: so, well,

H: Yes, It’s been watching over them.

M: Yeah. It’s been watching over them. So, when Masaki(she usually calls herself Masaki, Maa, Maasa or Maachan) doesn’t know what to do at work, the sea helps me.

H: Yeah.

M: When I once dived in, I heard its voice.

H: Uh huh.

M: It’s like “Kyu-n, Kyu-n”.

H: Yeah.

E: Eh, wasn’t it a buzzing in your ear? (laugh)

M: Yeah, Hahaha! Maybe it is, but, (laugh)

E, H: Hahaha

M: Hahaha, in the sea,

H: Into the sea, yes.

M: I dive in the sea, and I need 5 seconds to dive in,

H: Uh huh.

M: I dive in while my eyes closed, and then I do meditation.

H: Eh~, with your eyes closed. Yeah.

M: After I meditate, then “Baa-t!”, I come out.

H: Uh huh.

M: When I did meditation, well, of course, well, probably, Masaki came back after a long time,

H: Uh huh.

M: and because our parents were busy because of me, [then she did a burp or a hiccup] we couldn’t return to Hokkaido, (laugh)

H: Hahaha

M: Hahahaha

E: Hahaha

M: we couldn’t return to Hokkaido, (laugh)

H: Yeah (laugh)

M: so maybe we met again with the sea after a long time. And the sea became more cheerful!

H: Uh huh.

M: The sound of the waves was so big even in the daytime.

H: Ah~, the waves.

M: It became so big!

H: Yeah.

M: I enjoyed them very much. So (Bang) the sea.

H: Nature is good.

E: Yeah.

M: Yeah. I went to be purified. For purification.

H: I’m surprised that Maachan knows the word, “Meditation”. (laugh)

E: Hahaha.

M: How come?

H: Well, ‘Meditation’ is a quite difficult word.

E: Yeah~.

H: Probably, Ayumin doesn’t know what ‘Meditation’ means.

M: Well, Ayumin is an idiot, right?

H: Hahaha.

E: Ha~hahaha! There came a witty remark(名言)!

H: Thanks for your witty remark. (laugh)

(Thanks to the transcript by an anonymous wota on 2chan, I could translate the whole conversation.

I wrote the imitative sounds as they are in Japanese.)

She misreads kanji as always. Erina laughs and Haruna cheers her up.

Maachan says “the person I want to meet now is a sea urchin(uni, 海胆)”

Celebrating Morning Musume’s 17th anniversary, Maachan says her goal is “to laugh before getting a scolding from manager-san”, and in school “to laugh before getting a scolding from teachers and to make them laugh first”. Because “I don’t want to be scolded”. “While they all laugh and have fun, I’ll run away from the place.”

“Papipupeponyoponyo Suzuki-san!” She says this nonsensical word after seeing a script that states “Say your favourite word”. [I have no idea what this is]

 “After this, Nakajima Saki no Cute na Jikan Desu. Nakajima-san, Daisukidesu~. Byebye.”

Saki answers this: “Nakajima-san Daisukidesu~. Byebye”, Isn’t this too simple? Hahaha. If you like me very much, give me more love, Maachan! Hahaha. Well~, I feel all the more that no matter how much time passes, Maachan is Maachan after all.

- Translated by tadahitoriningen@H!O